Outpatient Substance Abuse

Experience Flexibility and Support with Our Outpatient Program (OP)

Our outpatient program offers personalized drug and alcohol treatment sessions tailored to individual needs. Clients can attend both individual sessions and supportive group meetings at flexible times throughout the week, enabling them to maintain their daily routines and reside at home. However, scheduled check-ins for counseling and medication are mandatory during allocated times.

With diverse formats and intensities, our outpatient program caters to various needs and preferences. Primarily centered around counseling, education, and fostering a strong support network, our program aims to empower individuals towards holistic recovery.

Elevate Your Recovery with Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In our Intensive Outpatient Programs, we construct structured treatment plans that include clear, measurable milestones to track individual progress effectively. This program is ideal for individuals committed to achieving sobriety while balancing work and daily responsibilities.

The IOP entails multiple weekly sessions lasting a few hours, incorporating diverse components such as counseling sessions, group therapy, education on relapse prevention, and active participation in a 12-step or equivalent recovery support group. This comprehensive approach ensures a supportive environment conducive to sustained recovery.