Compassionate Inpatient and Outpatient Detoxification Services at Wellness Rx: A Path to Safe Recovery

Wellness offers an inpatient detoxification program for adults aged 18 and older with a drug or alcohol dependency as well as outpatient detoxification in a comfortable home like environment.

and confidentiality.

We work with adults, 18 or older, who are intoxicated or experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs. Detoxification includes a medically supervised hospital stay, which usually lasts up to two to three days. Afterward, we connect people to our outpatient addiction services. The inpatient stay includes:

  • An initial assessment of the patient, including a review of their medical history
  • A complete physical examination and laboratory work-up
  • An evaluation by our nursing staff
  • Medical stabilization and detoxification
  • Chemical dependency services
  • Discharge planning, including referral to outpatient services, residential services, halfway houses and other community resources