About Us

Empowering Recovery, Restoring Lives

At Wellness Rx, we stand as a beacon of hope and healing for those navigating the challenging path of substance abuse recovery. Rooted in compassion and expertise, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive outpatient substance abuse services that prioritize holistic wellness and sustained recovery.

We understand that the path to recovery is unique for each person. Therefore, our team of experienced professionals collaborates closely with individuals to create personalized treatment plans. Our holistic approach integrates evidence-based practices, emphasizing not only sobriety but also mental and physical well-being.

At Wellness Rx, compassion is at the heart of everything we do. Our team is committed to providing a nurturing and non-judgmental environment where individuals feel supported, empowered, and understood throughout their recovery journey.

We believe in the transformative power of recovery and the potential for a brighter, healthier future. At Wellness Rx, we’re not just a treatment center; we’re a community committed to guiding, supporting, and celebrating every milestone on the road to lasting wellness.